Block Pricing

You can purchase a 10 hour block of time at a rate of $35 CAD/hour with your choice of services to be used within that block of time. If you find, that you need just a few more hours on the project or service we’ve started, you can also purchase 5 hour add-on blocks at the same rate of pay as needed to get the job done.

Block to be used within 30 calendar days.

Project Pricing

I can complete a project from start to finish for you at a flat rate of $800 CAD. A project could be anything from a ghostwritten article to a report analyzing your past three months of digital metrics. We can work together to decide what amount of work is reasonable and what tangible results will be delivered at the end of the project.

Pricing is based on approximately 25 hours of work.

Let’s chat to determine how I can best spend my time with you!