Day-to-Day Operations

Consider me an extra set of hands. I can manage your inbox and appointment calendar, prepare research, design presentations, make travel arrangements, or just keep up with those pesky data entry tasks that can get out of hand so quickly.

Project Management

Every project is a collaborative affair and requires an organized manager who can delegate, supervise, and ensure that deadlines are met. I can organize and schedule various aspects of any project to ensure that your team works to achieve your vision.

Writing and Editing

In an increasingly text-based world, having a writer on-hand is an enormous advantage. I can help write copy, edit blog and social posts, or ghostwrite articles.

Content Production

Digital channels require maintenance to keep them relevant and to keep draw traffic to your business. Creating content is a time-consuming but necessary aspect of digital marketing, and I can help you with everything from writing to document design.

Channel Management

Content production is not the only time-consuming aspect of digital marketing, once you have the content, you need to decide which channel to feature it, how it should be organized and scheduled, and then how to network and outreach on each channel. Let me take this task off your plate, so that while you do the real work of selling and producing, your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Blog feeds are keeping up with the fast-paced, ever-changing online world.

Analysis and Reporting (ROE, SEO, WTF..?)

Metric data can be an empowering tool for you to grow your business and hone your influence, but it can be overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with the jargon. I can help design automatic reports using built-in platform metrics or Google Analytics so the information relevant for you is always at your fingertips. I can also help you go over the metrics for your current social platforms and website to determine what is and is not working for your business, why, and how to move forward.